Cider Vinegar – Liquid Gold?

Either you love it or you hate it, but cider vinegar seems to have a huge array of beneficial health properties.  It was recently referred to by one of my patients as ‘Liquid Gold’ because he had felt so much better since taking it!


So what is it? Simply, cider vinegar is what is left over from the production of cider.  Fermented over a longer period of time and containing no alcohol, it usually contains a maximum of just 5% acidity.


So as a predominantly alkaline substance, it is useful as an anti-inflammatory which is why I advocate its use so strongly to my patients.

Back in 2009 my husband had gone to the local cider farm to stock up on ‘scrumpy’ for a party he was going to, and picked up a bottle of their cider vinegar for me to try.  I had been using the stuff you get from the supermarket for years, but immediately I found the flavour of the local stuff much more palatable.


I had been advocating the use of cider vinegar to my patients for a few years, but I realised that they were missing out on a much more pleasant variety!  So after a chat with the cider farm, they agreed to supply it for me.


Most of my patients buy a bottle when they start treatment, and regulars to my clinic will restock every 2-3 months when I see them.  A few of them hate it but take it because it works, but some love it and find it hard to drink water without it!


It seems to help boost the immune system too.  My husband is a teacher and takes cider vinegar daily in water to protect himself from all the bugs.  His colds are much less frequent and with reduced severity don’t seem to last as long either.  I had a fluey cold type bug one summer and couldn’t take any medication due to being pregnant – a few doses of cider vinegar and the following day all the aches and pains had gone and I was feeling much more human!


It’s also great for animals too.  We gave it to our dog for several years.  He was an elderly boy and suffered with his joints and occasionally had skin flare ups, but a capful in his drinking water seemed to really help him and he didn’t seem to mind it too much either… maybe that’s what’s kept him going so long – he passed away at the grand old age of 18!


So what can you do with it?  Well, I recommend drinking one teaspoon to a capful in hot or cold water once or twice a day as a general tonic, but in cases of pain and inflammation, increasing that to 3-4 times a day.  If you suffer with indigestion or stomach problems such as reflux or ulcers, it is best to take it at mealtimes.  You can pour it neat on to a flannel or folded tea towel and use it as a compress on painful areas such as sprains or strains for 10-15 minutes at a time.  You can also put a couple of capfuls in your bath water as a soak for aching muscles and joints.  Not forgetting good old salad dressings, for tenderising pork and it’s even nice with a bit of sea salt on chips!


If you would like some Sunshine Health Cider Vinegar please contact me.  It costs £3.50 per 750ml bottle.  I am unable to post it but you are welcome to collect it from my clinic in Street.