Good Old Arnica!

If there is one thing that I would NEVER be without it is a bottle of Arnica 30c tablets.  Especially now I have a toddler!  I keep some in my bag at all times and several supplies around the house!

It is most commonly known and used for the healing of bruises, but there is so much more to it than that.  It is great for sleep problems, overtiredness, pain, shock and trauma – amongst other things.  It is perfectly safe to use and will not intefere with any other medications or treatments.

I used two remedies when I was in labour with my son – one of which was Arnica.  It kept me going when I felt like giving up, and because of its amazing effects I had no other pain relief in labour, whatsoever.  It was also invaluable after the birth for healing and tiredness.


Then the little fella got bigger and started bumping in to things.  It happens a lot these days.  I am still astounded at how quickly he is fine again after just one small tablet.  I guess a lot of the incidents have an element of shock to them, and arnica dissolves the shock as quick as the tablet itself!


My son recently had heart surgery via catheterisation – a tube in the femoral atery in the groin – an amazing procedure with such immediate effects and much quicker recovery than open surgery.  Anyway, he only had one lot of Calpol in the recovery room straight after the procedure.  From then on he had arnica.  One every few hours for the first day, then 3 times a day after that.  He did not complain about any pain or discomfort.  Not once.  The bruising was pretty much gone and the wound healed within about 3 days.  He was back to his old self – and then some!


I know there are many non believers out there, but these are just a couple of examples of how Homoeopathy can be so useful in situations where there would usually need to be some extra intervention or relief and the power of the mind may not even have a say in matters…


No home should be without it!