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Do you know what The Bowen Technique is?

Do you know what The Bowen Technique is?

Do you know what The Bowen Technique can be used for?

Most people when in pain will pop off to their GP for painkillers and may be referred for physiotherapy. In my experience, this may ease the problem on a short term basis but won’t always remove the pain completely.

Other people will go and visit an Osteopath or Chiropractor. This may involve several short treatments more than once a week over many weeks or even months. This can be quite traumatic to both the body and the bank account!

Often these standard treatments involve hard manipulation of the joints and/or spine which can be uncomfortable at best and excrutiatingly painful at worst.

If you are already in pain, this approach can cause you to tense up which makes the whole thing even more uncomfortable, and quite often ineffective, with several days of added discomfort afterwards. By which time your next appointment has come around again and the cycle continues.

But what if there was a treatment that involved none of the above, was relaxing and enjoyable to receive and was EVEN MORE effective?

If you experience pain of any kind then it is highly likely that The Bowen Technique will help you.

Usually performed through light clothing, Bowen is a soft tissue therapy which uses gentle rolling moves over key muscle groups. This in turn not only has an effect on the soft tissue but helps to realign the joints. It can address the imbalances of the whole body simply by working down the spine, but with added extras for specific areas of pain in any part of the body.

The moves are performed in short series, with breaks of 2 to 10 minutes in between, allowing the brain and body to communicate together to process the work as it is happening, rather than all in one go at the end of the treatment.

The breaks also encourage added relaxation, and many people fall asleep during the treatment. This level of relaxation really does help with recovery – many people will often report “instant relief” at the end of the session.  Some people have reported feeling like they have had a whole night’s sleep in just under an hour!

Bowen is a highly effective therapy which can be applied to anyone from tiny babies, children, adults and the elderly. It is very safe in pregnancy and has been used during labour. It can be used in situations where other treatments can’t, such as when there is extreme damage to an area through fracture, surgery, degenerative changes such as arthritis or even following amputation.

One of my clients had been involved in a serious road traffic accident and had been told he would lose his leg. His insurance company agreed to fund some Bowen sessions for him and after 6 sessions he was discharged by his consultant with no amputation required.

This is quite an extreme example of what I see in my clinic on a weekly basis. The most common ailments are neck and back pain or restriction, frozen shoulder, sleep problems, migraines/headaches and pregnancy related problems such as SPD, but the list is pretty much endless.

I also see a lot of children, particularly with sleep problems, recurring illnesses such as colds and ear infections, asthma and digestive problems. Newborn babies are brought along regularly with colic which can often be completely eradicated in just one session.

Three sessions over three weeks is usually recommended as an initial course of treatment, with a follow up session recommended after 3-4 weeks.  Treatment regularity is as individual as the person having the treatment, so maintenance sessions are governed by your progress and lifestyle.

So if you experience pain, discomfort or any niggling ailment please consider Bowen. You may just be surprised!