Bach Flower Remedies

There are 38 individual Bach Flower remedies, or essences, each of which is useful for a particular mood or emotional state.  You have probably heard of Rescue Remedy, which is 5 of the 38 remedies combined to help calm in times of stress.  Examples where people may use this include exams, driving test, funerals, public speaking and even labour and childbirth.

I use the Flower remedies a lot in my clinic, alongside both Homoeopathic and Bowen treatment.  They work in a very subtle way, just taking the edge off extreme situations such as anxiety and stress and helping to gently rebalance the person.

Each remedy has it’s own properties and can be useful when taken individually.  However, more often than not, life is not usually that straightforward and there may be many thoughts or feelings occuring at the same time.  So we then take a few of the remedies and blend them together in a treatment bottle.  These individual prescriptions have become very popular in my clinic, and are even used by children to help them through difficult times such as family breakdown and pressure at school.

I changed my way of working with Flower remedies when I stopped choosing them for people.  Now my patients will choose their own, based on what they are drawn to in the two boxes, either by looking at the names of the remedies or closing their eyes and ‘randomly’ picking them out.  Many people start off quite skeptical about this method, but once they have chosen up to 6 remedies I will then go through their choices with them in the remedy guide I have.  Not once has anyone chosen anything they don’t need and the surprised expressions and remarks of “that’s just what I need!” are enough to convince them they have chosen what they need for themselves.

I find this way of working not only saves me from projecting my opinion through choosing them, but empowers the patient and gives them confidence that they didn’t realise they had.

The best example of how powerful these remedies can be is of a lorry driver who came to my clinic with serious road rage.  Within 3 days of taking his flower remedy prescription (3-4 times a day) I received a message from a colleague of his asking me “What have you done to him?! He’s like a pussy cat!”  His road rage disappeared but he knew that if he felt it coming back then he just had to take the drops.

The Flower remedies can be taken safely as often as is needed.  I usually recommend 3-4 times a day plus extra if the person feels they need more.  They are best taken in water (2-3 drops in a glass of water) but can be dropped directly on to the tongue in emergencies.  It is recommended to keep taking them regularly over several weeks or months, but I have found that people tend to start forgetting to take them when they don’t need them so much.

They do not affect or interfere with conventional medicines and so can be taken alongside them.

The most regularly chosen Flower remedies include:

  • White Chestnut – for thoughts that keep going round and round in your head.  This is a particularly good one for insomnia.
  • Holly – for jealousy and anger.  This is a great one for sibling rivalry, particularly when there is a new baby in the family.
  • Elm – for feelings of being overwhelmed.  This is good for those whose workloads are having a negative impact on their lives.
  • Crab Apple – for self confidence or if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, it is a cleansing remedy.  It is great for people with eating disorders but also good when applied topically for skin conditions.

If you would like a short consultation in order to choose some flower remedies for yourself, please do get in touch.