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A study is taking place across the UK to examine whether the Bowen Technique, a form of manual therapy, can assist in the recovery of many thousands of people suffering with a condition which has become known as ‘Long COVID’. The aim of the study is to understand whether the Bowen Technique might offer a useful contribution towards the recovery of Long COVID sufferers, by means of six consecutive Bowen treatments over a six week period.

The Bowen Technique is non-invasive and involves the therapist using their hands to work on specific areas of the body. Gentle rolling movements are made over the soft tissues underlying the skin, with most moves being made through light clothing. Bowen therapy is generally regarded as pleasant to receive, with clients often becoming so relaxed that they fall asleep.

The therapy has been reported to provide benefit to clients suffering from a number of both physical and emotional complaints and is suitable for people of all ages. Some of the symptoms experienced by Long COVID sufferers include dizziness, ‘brain fog’, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, tightness of the chest, and loss of taste and smell, to name but a few. Symptoms can at times become so severe that normal daily activities and returning to work become impossible.

A study carried out ‘Characterizing Long COVID in an International Cohort: 7 Months of Symptoms and Their Impact’, has tracked the prevalence of 205 symptoms in 10 organ systems that are associated with Long COVID.

Bowen Therapist Dianne Bradshaw began working with Long COVID sufferers in 2020 during which time she made some encouraging observations. In response to these initial findings, the Long COVID Bowen Study was launched, with now over 70 Bowen therapists taking part nationwide.


To understand whether the Bowen Technique can be a useful intervention for the treatment of people with Long COVID symptoms, the organisers are seeking more participants. The study is open to anyone experiencing COVID symptoms lasting six months or more, including those who were not tested for COVID at the time when they first fell ill.

Participating therapists are offering Long COVID clients their Bowen sessions for a nominal fee. All information is gathered and processed in the strictest confidence.


If you have been suffering with Long COVID for six months or more and are interested in taking part in the study, please email

For further details on the Bowen Technique please visit: and

For more information on the Long COVID Bowen Study please join our Facebook group: Long Covid Bowen Study

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Are you a Stagnant Swamp or a Flowing Waterfall?

Picture a stagnant swamp…

Lifeless, slow, stiff, dull, lethargic, struggling… and many more words besides…

Now picture a beautiful flowing waterfall…

Full of life, vigor, vitality, energy, flow, force…

Which are you?

What is the key that links the swamp to the waterfall?


Unfortunately the world has become more of a Swampy kind of place.  Many of the

wonderful people I see in clinic every week have become Swampy kinds of people.  In

the nicest possible way, of course!

The hardest part of my work, particularly with Bowen, is not the treatment itself.  It

is encouraging rehydration amongst many chronically dehydrated people.  These

people have back pain, joint pain, stiffness, soreness, arthritis, digestive problems,

sleep difficulties, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess

body weight, asthma and eczema.  The list goes on.

This worries me.  A lot.  Many of these things could be prevented, simply by drinking

water.  Not fancy, fizzy, flavoured water.  Just ordinary tap water.

We are so lucky in the UK to have water available whenever we need it.  It is clean

and fresh (usually) and although there are chemicals added to it to keep it that way,

it is still better than water in other countries.  Most importantly, water is FREE!  This

is why I really don’t understand how as a nation we have become chronically


The modern culture is all about drinking tea and coffee, fizzy drinks, juices and

alcohol.  Don’t get me wrong, these things can be fine in moderation, but there needs

to be a balance.

Turn yourself from a stagnant swamp in to a beautiful flowing waterfall… drink


8 glasses a day is the recommended minimum.  If you are a 10 cups of tea or coffee

kind of person, start introducing water slowly and gradually build up your water

intake over a few days whilst at the same time reducing the other drinks you have.

The most frequent reason for not drinking water is that people believe they will be

rushing to the loo all the time.  Firstly, this really is not something that should be

considered a problem.  But secondly, as long as you sip the water gradually

throughout the course of the day, you should not notice too much of a difference.

What tends to make people need to pee more is the irritation of the concentrated

urine in the bladder.  If you are a water minimalist, you may notice that your urine is

dark in colour, possibly cloudy and may have a strong odour.  Water will dilute the

urine, making it less irritant and it should be pale and clear.

If you can do all this then you really WILL notice the benefits in such a short space of

time.  Let’s become a nation of waterfalls!

If you would like to read more about how water can help with pain and illness, please

do have a look at this website by an amazing man!