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Pain Relief With Pilates

My body became a write off about four and a half years ago, following a head-on car accident with an uninsured driver.  I had been in fairly good, energetic shape until then – although relatively healthy I was never a fan of, or any good at, exercise.

Until May this year I had been in constant pain, managed with Bowen therapy, Homoeopathy and Acupuncture.  A friend of mine told me that both herself and her sister had found great benefit from going to Pilates regularly, so I thought I would take the bull by the horns and started Pilates classes.

Within two weeks I was starting to notice a change for the better.  I had more energy (always useful when looking after a toddler!), and the pain was no longer constant.  Gradually over the weeks the pain lessened and I was feeling more positive in myself.  I didn’t realise the benefits properly until I missed a couple of weeks due to being  away.  During this time I slipped back a bit, feeling more uncomfortable again.  It was only on returning to Pilates that I realised it was helping all along!

I was feeling good for three or four days after a session then by the time the next class came round I felt like I needed to start all over again.  So now, nearly six months on, I have just started going twice a week, and hoping for further improvements.

I have done Pilates before, many years ago, but never  ‘got it’ until now.  That is all thanks to an excellent teacher – Zoisa is inspirational and motivational.  She explains everything very clearly and her hands-on approach to reposition where needed really makes such a difference.   It is flipping hard work and I feel muscles I didn’t know I had afterwards, but that is preferable to the pain and discomfort that followed me everyday for the last few years!

I still have a way to go but I certainly feel I am improving week by week.  So if you are in pain or have restriction of movement, please do consider Pilates to complement regular Bowen treatment.