“Bowen is my lifeline.  I really can’t imagine what I’d do without it.”  Mrs P, Langport

“I have spent years going to osteopaths, chiropractors and even tried acupuncture for instant relief of various neck and back problems over the years, when a friend recommended I visit Zoe for a Bowen session. It’s hard to wrap your head around the gentle treatment that involves some prodding and then Zoe leaving the room for a few minutes, but this treatment stimulates your own body to heal itself and I must admit that regular sessions really help. I have not had a headache since receiving treatment and I used to pop pain killers every few days. All the ‘clicky’ joints you put down to age are much better as well. This is not for everyone but I will never book another appointment with a physio or osteopath again. Just like a car, our bodies need regular maintenance and Bowen has certainly proved the one for me and many other people. Zoe is experienced, professional, relaxed and easy to talk to and I appreciate going to her home for treatment rather than some shop or office building with no parking.” Karen Williams, Langford, Somerset

“I approached Zoe at Sunshine Health through recommendation.  Zoe has helped me through a number of personal / health issues, by administering a bespoke Homeopathic remedy. The result have been fabulous and an excellent alternative solution.  I have found Zoe’s expertise invaluable, and can advise that Zoe delivers a first class service, for which I would not hesitate to recommend!”   Caroline Tavender – Ilminster.

Testimonial from Richard P:  “Having suffered back and neck pain for a number of years and accessed many different forms of treatment – from physiotherapy to chiropractic – I asked Zoë to see if she could help where others had failed. After a series of Bowen treatments – which are very relaxing and effective – I have been pain free for over a year now. I highly recommend Zoë and her friendly, sympathetic approach.”

Testimonial from Mrs S: “I was very pleased with the result of my Bowen treatment. I can’t believe after suffering for nearly 6 years with tennis elbow, it took just half a dozen sessions and I was practically pain free. I still get the odd twinge if overworked, but it seems to right itself by the next day. Best treatment I’ve ever had.”

Testimonial from Mrs M:  “When I went for my first Bowen treatment I could only raise my arm 30 degrees away from my body. Within a week I could raise my arm above my head. This has been maintained over the year, enabling me to go back to gardening. I have even played tennis again for the first time in 2 years!”

Testimonial from Mrs B:  “After being in tremendous pain for several weeks I went to Zoë in the hope of some help. After the first session I ended up in tears, such was the relief I felt that somebody had been able to help me. Each session had such a dramatic effect on the pain resulting from a ruptured spinal disc, relaxing muscles that had become totally rigid. I would whole heartedly recommend Zoë, she is professional and caring and I always felt that she was focussed on me.”

"At 48 and going through Menopause i felt very much out of control and not like the
'old me'...mood swings, weight gain, lack of confidence, regular monthly hormonal
migraines (i suffered these for several years) then some adult acne - how much
worse could i get - i really felt low and fed up.

After seeing Zoe i started to feel some slight improvement after the first meeting
with her. I just felt good and more positive about myself. I had this 'slow ripple
effect' that she talks about with Homeopathy - the migraine headaches became less
severe, then less regular, now almost gone and the skin and mood swings all
improved. I feel that I now am back to the person I used to be but with some
improvements along the way. 

Having met with Zoe I feel she has taught me how to handle this time in my life and
that you can do it all in a natural way and get some great results. We all have
different needs and some problems may take longer or shorter time to resolve but i
am so very pleased I decided to go as I have come such a long way. I feel I am in
control of my Menopause and not the other way around. I feel i have got my life back
on track and am enjoying it."  Mrs Angela Baker, Wells.  January 2013.